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Reforms to improve access to affordable housing

[2013-12-10 00:47]

Reforms to be rolled out in 2014 by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development aim to provide better access to affordable housing and more choices for those in need, according to a senior housing official.

GDP growth could hit 7.8% next year

[2013-12-10 00:16]

The best scenario for the Chinese economy in 2014 would be to achieve 7.8 percent GDP growth, a major think tank said on Monday.

Moody's: China's sovereign rating outlook stable

[2013-12-09 22:04]

International rating firm Moody's Investors Service has a stable sovereign rating outlook (Aa3 stable) on China and expects that economic growth will remain relatively robust.

China Center to open for business in NY in 2015

[2013-12-09 21:59]

Vantone Holdings Co Ltd is expected to open its China Center in New York for business in 2015, according the company's chairman Feng Lun.

China's retail sales growth to top 13%

[2013-12-09 21:14]

China's retail sales of consumer goods will grow by more than 13 percent year on year for 2013, an official said Monday.

China shifts away from economy-obsessed assessments

[2013-12-09 20:00]

Chinese officials should downplay their obsession with economic growth and focus more on people's livelihoods and the environment, as the country trumpets a more balanced work evaluation system.

China looks abroad for urbanization ideas

[2013-12-09 19:55]

China's Foreign Ministry on Monday said the country is willing to enhance cooperation with other countries in urbanization as A UN General Assembly committee designated October 31 as World Cities Day.

China bans imports of ROK medical product

[2013-12-09 19:11]

China's drug watchdog has banned imports of a set of antibiotic injection products manufactured by a Republic of Korea (ROK) pharmaceutical company due to its refusal to accept spot checks.

China trials new interest rate reform

[2013-12-09 18:37]

China's new guideline on deposit certificates in the interbank market became effective on Monday, with the latest edition of the Shanghai Securities News hailing this as a major trial in pushing interest rate liberalization.

China allows rouble in border city

[2013-12-09 00:12]

China strengthened its economic ties with Russia on Sunday by allowing the rouble to circulate unrestricted in Suifenhe, Heilongjiang province.

Trade surplus hit record high in Nov

[2013-12-09 00:03]

China's acceleration of exports and slowdown of imports in November left the country with its largest trade surplus in more than four years.

'Slowing growth ahead' for property prices

[2013-12-07 00:52]

Property price growth is set to decelerate, with the slowdown to persist for several years, industry experts said on Friday.

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