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Intel bets on cloud companies in China

[2014-02-19 07:27]

Intel Capital, the mergers and acquisitions arm of US-based chip manufacturer Intel Corp, announced investments on Tuesday in three Chinese companies in a move to further extend its chain of cloud services in China.

Wealth management products aren't part of shadow banking

[2014-02-19 03:31]

The wealth management business in Chinese banking "should not" be categorized as shadow banking, a senior official of China's banking regulator said on Monday.

FTZ launches cross-border yuan payment

[2014-02-18 23:51]

China Free Trade Pilot Zone launched cross-border yuan payment services, marking a milestone in the expansion of the international use of the yuan.

Merger to grow China's private health care

[2014-02-18 22:24]

Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Co announced on Tuesday that it will raise its share in US-headquartered health care provider Chindex International, and propose to delist Chindex from the Nasdaq.

China world's biggest gold market

[2014-02-18 22:24]

China has become the world's biggest gold market, with consumer demand rising by 32 percent in 2013 to a record level of 1,066 metric tons.

Suning to open 200 stores

[2014-02-18 22:23]

Suning Commerce Group, a major electronics retailer, has vowed to open more than 200 stores in 2014.

Guangzhou wants exports to grow 3%

[2014-02-18 21:38]

Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, wants to increase exports by 3 percent this year。

China bids farewell to GDP worship

[2014-02-18 21:00]

China's shift from a GDP growth model to "quality" should become more obvious soon, as two thirds of provinces have lowered their growth targets this year, if only very slightly.

Guangzhou's economy grew 11.6% in 2013

[2014-02-18 20:58]

Guangzhou's economy grew by 11.6 percent year-on-year to 1.54 trillion yuan ($253.8 billion) in 2013, according to a local government work report released on Tuesday.

China reforms business registration rules

[2014-02-18 18:56]

The State Council, China's cabinet, announced on Tuesday it has approved a plan to reform business registration in an effort to ease market access.

Hainan facing tough battle for foreign visitors

[2014-02-18 09:16]

China's effort to build its southernmost province into a world-class tourist destination encountered a setback last year when fewer foreigners visited.

Chinese firms face trust deficit

[2014-02-18 01:22]

Chinese companies are consistently less trusted than companies headquartered in the developed nations, a major hurdle for the growing number of Chinese enterprises looking to "go global", an international survey has found.

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