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Two-child policy is a turning point for China

By Yao Yao ( Updated: 2015-10-30 16:55
Two-child policy is a turning point for China

Some older adults and youths receive incentive fees for their contributions to China's family planning policy in Tangyin county, Central China's Henan province on July 2, 2010. [Photo/CFP]

The achievements China has made today prove the one-child policy's effects on improving people's livelihood and speeding economic growth.

However, the implementation of the one-child policy also has its bottlenecks, though some families, such as ethnic minorities, can have more than one child, according to the policy.

Except for forced abortion, a punishment for disobeying the policy, female infanticide and under-reporting of female births are frequently seen as many Chinese families still prefer boys to girls, due to the influence of ancient patriarchal society.

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