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Cold front dispersing Beijing smog

(Xinhua) Updated: 2013-01-16 14:52

BEIJING - Beijingers on Wednesday saw their first sunshine in seven days, with a cold front dispersing the lingering smog in the city.

At 10 am, mist could still be seen as air quality indices (AQI) dropped to "Level III" or "light pollution," according to data released by the city's environmental monitoring center.

Cold front dispersing Beijing smog

Beijing sees first sunshine in seven days on Wednesday. [Photo/Xinhua]

The mist will clear in the afternoon, when wind is expected to blow through the city at a speed of around 30 km per hour.

Experts with the center said the average AQI on Wednesday in the urban area will reach a "fairly good" level.

The central meteorological station lifted its haze alert at 10 am in the country's central and eastern areas. As the cold front is affecting vast part of China from north to south, the smog that has been staying in these regions is likely to disperse from Wednesday afternoon, according to the station.

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