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Xi sends strong signals at Paris climate talks

[2015-12-01 20:18]

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday sent strong signals at the ongoing Paris climate change conference, warning against mentality of zero-sum game.

China makes active contribution for breakthrough at Paris climate talks

[2015-12-14 15:44]

China's climate endeavors, including its self-imposed commitments and extensive diplomatic efforts before and during the Paris climate talks, have been an indispensable part of global efforts leading to the making of final breakthrough at the climate talks.

China welcomes Paris climate change agreement

[2015-12-13 15:52]

The landmark agreement on climate change signed in Paris Saturday is "a new beginning in international cooperation" and is fair in splitting responsibility between developed and developing countries, according to a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson.

China stands as constructive player in global fight against climate change

[2015-12-11 16:27]

At the opening ceremony of the ongoing Paris climate change conference, Chinese President Xi Jinping reaffirmed his country's confidence and resolve regarding its commitments in the global fight against climate change.

Final draft of Paris climate agreement reached

[2015-12-05 22:44]

A final draft of a new global climate agreement was reached by negotiators in Paris on Saturday, ready for ministers to deal with sensitive political divergences next week.

Paris climate talks to produce legally binding deal

[2015-12-03 23:36]

The ongoing Paris climate conference could result in a package consisting of a legally binding agreement, China's top climate negotiator said in the French capital on Thursday.

Elion to tackle desertification in France

[2015-12-03 15:46]

Eager to enhance the world's ability to tackle desertification, China's Elion Resources Group conducted the study on the Kubuqi Desert - China's seventh largest desert in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region as an example to promote the awareness of environmental protection in France.

China has made contribution to progress in addressing climate change

[2015-12-02 17:30]

As the climate change summit has unveiled on Monday in Paris, China, one of the major players in the fight against climate change, has made tangible contribution to the ambitious task of addressing global climate change over recent years.

China to contribute wisdom to global environmental governance

[2015-12-02 13:58]

Around the same time, President Xi delivered an important speech named To Build a Prevention and Cure Mechanism for Climate Change on the Basis of Win-Win Cooperation, Equity and Reasonability at the opening of Paris Climate Change Conference, as the first Chinese president to attend climate change conference.

China, ADB aim to further cooperation on emission reduction

[2015-12-01 23:01]

China will work closely with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) towards its carbon dioxide (CO2) emission reduction targets, as the two sides jointly launched here on Tuesday.

Observers: President Xi sets right tone as Paris climate talks begin

[2015-12-01 21:24]

In tightened security in Paris where the two-week United Nations climate change summit is being held, China's President Xi Jinping urged the world leaders to abandon zero-sum mindset in battling against the global threat and achieve what observers say is a"widely-accepted but not satisfying" historic agreement to reduce the earth's carbon emissions after 2020.

China Voice: Chinese Dream resonates worldwide

[2015-12-01 20:11]

As Xi Jinping attends an international climate change conference in Paris this week, the world has become familiar with the "Chinese Dream" development concept that he first proposed three years ago.

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