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Duck neck eating competition in Wuhan

( Updated: 2015-08-04 13:17
Duck neck eating competition in Wuhan

The cliff face, painted green by the villager.[Photo/CFP]

Villager paints cliffs green for better fengshui

Some people will go to great lengths for better luck. A villager in Southwest China's Chongqing painted 900-meter high cliffs green for better fengshui, reported Monday.

The villager, surnamed Yang, hired painters to paint the cliffs in front of his home because he believed the white cliffs brought bad luck to his family. Now the whole 2,000 square meter cliff is green.

However, it's the green cliff that has brought bad luck to Yang because he is now facing the accusation of damaging the environment and will be under investigation.

Fengshui is the traditional Chinese study of geomancy and affects buildings and cemeteries.

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