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Trending: Girls selling 'girlfriend' talking service

( Updated: 2014-08-25 14:12

Want to talk to a "girlfriend"? You can find one on Taobao. An eight-year-old boy passes the college-level PETS3. And a new exclusion zone for square dancers at the Hangzhou East Railway Station should relieve problems with passenger flow.
Trending: Girls selling 'girlfriend' talking service

Girls selling 'girlfriend' talking service

Some girls are offering a paid service on China's popular online marketplace to male clients to talk like their girlfriends on the phone, Shanghai Morning Post reported Saturday.

A seller with the online alias Wang Caomei said she charges 30 yuan for half an hour of phone calls, and 30 yuan ($4.8) for 10 minutes of facetime on Wechat, an instant messaging tool. She forbids pornographic content in the service.

This service sparked controversy on its morality and concerns that the sellers may encounter potential harassment.

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Trending: Girls selling 'girlfriend' talking service

Trending: Girls selling 'girlfriend' talking service

Exclusion zone for square dancing to end chaos

Officials at Hangzhou East Railway Station have bought thousands of kilometers of barricade tape to create an exclusion zone on the station's square for group dancers who on a nightly basis have disturbed passenger flow, Hangzhou Daily reported.

An official surnamed Sun said about 1,000 residents dance at the square every night and different dancing groups sometimes fight for a larger space, which has disturbed the railway station's order.

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Trending: Girls selling 'girlfriend' talking service

Last cave tribe

Nearly a hundred Miao ethic people still living in a big mountain cave in Guizhou province are confirmed as "the last cave tribe in Asia" by China National Tourism Administration, China Youth Daily reported Sunday.

About 20 households live at the 1,800-meter-high cave and maintain a very self-sufficient lifestyle—women weave cotton cloth and males hunt and farm, and they go to markets 18 km away to buy salt, cooking oil and other necessary commodities. They had electricity in 2003 and now have TV. But they still refuse houses the government offered for free as they are too set in their cave life.

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Trending: Girls selling 'girlfriend' talking service

Bold young men feel good in self-employment

Three young men who regarded their state-owned company jobs as "tedious and boring" quit their jobs and opened a small bakery restaurant while seeing a new challenge and a new life experience, China Youth Daily reported Monday.

The three men, two 25-year-olds and one 24, started their business in a 12 sqm shop near Beijing Beixinqiao subway station last year, selling a shrimp-filled pastry, a specialty from southeast China. In one year they have achieved financial independence. They said although work now is harder than their previous office jobs, they learned about entrepreneurship and enjoyed the process.

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Trending: Girls selling 'girlfriend' talking service

Youngest English talent

An 8-year-old boy has passed Public English Test System on Level 3 (PETS3), whose difficulty is equivalent to the College English Test Brand 4 for junior and sophomore college students. He's become the youngest person to pass PETS3 in China, Xiandai Jinbao, a Zhejiang-based newspaper reported Monday.

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Trending: Girls selling 'girlfriend' talking service

Boy, 3, throws cash, jewelry from window

A Guangdong woman lost about 50,000 yuan ($8,100) in cash and jewelry after her 3-year-old son threw the valuables from their home's 28th-floor window, Chongqing Evening News reported on Sunday. The boy's mother, surnamed Liu, discovered the property was missing on Saturday and reported the matter to police. But the woman then learned from her son that he had thrown the cash and jewelry out the window. Police and Liu searched around the building for two hours but failed to find anything.

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