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Wuxi to strengthen water ecology construction

( Updated: 2016-03-09 17:22

First, Wuxi will strengthen its water source management. With intelligent, green, service and high-end oriented, the city will speed up the construction of a modern industrial system led by emerging industries, supported by modern service industries, with advanced manufacturing industry as the main body, with high scientific level, low resource consumption and less environmental pollution. In respect of emission reduction, enterprises with high pollution and emissions that harm the water environment will be terminated by law. A standard in pollution cutting will be improved to control not only Chemical Oxygen Damage (COD), but also the emission of nitrogen and phosphorus. Fracture surface linking to the lake and the river network will be monitored to cut industrial, living and agricultural non-point source pollution.

Second, Wuxi will set precise water management goals. By making the emission cutting of nitrogen and phosphorus a priority, the city will formulate specific plans and take specific actions to lower the pollution index, implement the "water clear action" and "water running action" plan to solve channel problems, improve the supervision and assessment mechanism, and coordinate the work of pollution controlling, bank regulation, dredging, water transferring and ecological restoration. The city will urge its lake regions to optimize industrial structure and bear responsibility to keep improving regional water quality.

Third, Wuxi will focus on comprehensive improvement. The city will integrate the governance of agriculture, industry and service industry; step up efforts in the supervision and monitoring of industrial pollution sources especially industrial enterprises and parks; adopt the pollution discharge license system to promote emission reduction; raise the level of agricultural production standardization; offset impacts on the water quality of Taihu Lake resulting from agricultural non-point source pollution; control and raise the processing efficiency of domestic pollution; promote urban-rural integrated water regulation by promoting the construction of drainage areas, optimizing the layout of sewage disposal works, and cutting rural sewage and garbage pollution. At the same time, we will protect and restore the city's ecosystem to improve the integrated management of mountains, lakes, forests and lands, which in turn promotes the water environment.

Fourth, Wuxi will boost water administration according to the rule of law. The city will enforce the guidance that pollution dischargers pay while pollution controllers earn; establish sound ecological compensation and environment price mechanisms to guide enterprises to bear responsibility and invest in environmental infrastructure construction and operation; insist on supervision of law enforcement and bring in a responsibility system into controlling of key pollution sources; the laws must be strictly enforced, and lawbreakers must be prosecuted; severely punish those who violate the law.

Fifth, Wuxi will insist on the management of prolonged action. To expand financing channels, Wuxi will encourage social capital to participate in investment. It will also enhance science and technology support through promoting research work in water pollution control, drawing on experience in other pollution abatement, and cooperating with scientific research institutions. In addition, Wuxi will lift its management levels as well as establish a water monitoring and early warning system.

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