Reality shows a cash cow for celebrities

By He Keyao ( ) Updated: 2015-08-20 07:35:52
Reality shows a cash cow for celebrities

A screenshot from the reality show Running Man, a TV program that was originally aired in South Korea. [File Photo]

Way too expensive

The increase in appearance fees by celebrities has put a lot of pressure on the producers.

"The price is too high. It feels like we are all working for the celebrities," said Hu Gang, the producer of reality show The Exploration of The World (Shi Jie De Jin Tou) broadcast on Jiangsu TV. He said they invited many stars, but the price was beyond their budget.

His comment echoes the voices of many professionals in TV industry.

"Big stars are too expensive. The cost is a big factor on small TV projects and it is impossible to invite A-cast stars in every season. Now the thing is, B- or C-cast stars have also raised their price," said an editor with surname Deng at Sichuan TV station.

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