China's culture permeates int'l book fair in Peru

( Xinhua ) Updated: 2015-08-05 14:10:06

China's culture permeated the 20th International Book Fair in Peru's capital Lima, leaving a profound impression on the publishers and visitors attending the 17-day event.

At Latin America's top five events of its kind, which was held from July 17 to Aug. 2 this year, the Chinese stand and cultural events organized by Chinese embassy staff added a lot of Asian flavor.

Out of the 155 stands and 650 different cultural events on display at the fair, including book presentations, roundtables, poetry recitals and film screenings, those representing China were among the most popular.

Both fair-goers and publishing industry leaders flocked to the stand lit by traditional red lanterns to admire and learn about the elegant Chinese art of macrame knots, costumes in the Han and Tang dynasties, fine silk products, and works of history and medicine.

In addition to purchasing books and handicrafts, many visitors waited patiently in long lines to have their pictures taken in ancient Chinese garb or to have their names written in Chinese characters.

"Our Chinese stand has turned into a star feature at the book fair," the Chinese embassy's cultural attache Zhu Xiaoyan said. "Since the inauguration, the main local media outlets have reported China's stand as a focal point in their coverage. That shows we have met our goal of familiarizing visitors with Chinese culture."

Zhu said the aim of taking part in the fair was to "speak well of Chinese storytelling, present positive images of China, and promote Chinese culture, and increase the Peruvian public's knowledge of modern China."

In addition to recreational and instructional events, like teaching how to make elaborate Chinese knots, the stand offered a range of books, including Chinese President Xi Jinping's book "The Governance of China."

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