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Global business requires high-performance management

[2016-03-11 08:16]

In CSCEC, we mean not only going abroad but also getting rooted overseas. Our management style varies at each of our branches overseas because conditions vary. Yet they follow some general principles to stay highly efficient.

Anshun seeks new balance

[2016-03-11 08:10]

Anshun, a city in Southwest China's Guizhou province, is known for its Huangguoshu Waterfall, the largest of its kind in Asia, whose majesty and power can be viewed from all angles, even from inside.

Problem with soil drawing legislators' attention

[2016-03-11 08:10]

A proposal relating to environmental protection and focusing on soil has been brewing at China's top legislature and is expected to be released to the public soon, an official of the NPC said on Thursday.

Judges: Documents need to move faster

[2016-03-11 08:10]

Beijing judges are calling for speedier delivery of legal documents involving foreign disputes, as well as the establishment of professional teams specializing in litigation involving foreigners, in a bid to handle an increasing number of such cases.

Science minister highlights tech sales success story

[2016-03-11 07:01]

By last year, 80 percent of China's scientific and technological research had resulted in commercial products in the private sector.

Nation looks overseas for student progress

[2016-03-11 07:00]

China will learn from other countries how to improve students' innovative spirit and practical abilities, the minister of education said on Thursday.

Support pledged for Xinjiang

[2016-03-11 06:53]

The government has vowed to give more support to the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, as infrastructure construction there matters in national security and local development.

Treat environment 'as our lifeline', Xi says

[2016-03-11 02:53]

Protecting Qinghai-Tibet ecology is China's responsibility to the world, president tells region's deputies.

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