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Zhou says trade slump overestimated due to commodity woes

[2016-03-12 12:54]

The central bank's governor said the extent of the slump in China's trade has been overestimated because of the meltdown in commodity prices last year.

PBOC governor assures sentiment towards yuan will turn 'rational'

[2016-03-12 12:19]

Market sentiment toward the Chinese currency will return to being rational and normal, the central bank's governor said on Saturday.

NPA securitization program not linked to rising bad loans: PBOC

[2016-03-12 12:17]

China's central bank said on Saturday that the non-performing asset (NPA) securitization program has nothing to do with the country's rising bad loan ratio, and is an institutional move aimed at developing a market for bad assets management in China.

Govt mulls policies to attract foreign experts

[2016-03-12 09:08]

According to the draft of 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20), China will carry out more active, open and effective policies to attract talented people.

Draft Law relaxes fundraising norms

[2016-03-12 07:43]

The third draft of the Charity Law is more flexible about online public fundraising by charities, and offers more scope for the nuanced definition of individuals seeking to raise funds online.

Anti-graft watchdog to start new Skynet

[2016-03-12 07:08]

The top anti-graft watchdog will continue tracking down corrupt Chinese officials who have fled overseas.

Pollution fight gets a sharper focus

[2016-03-12 04:12]

China has established three new departments under the Ministry of Environmental Protection to target air, water and soil pollution to ensure control targets will be met in the coming years.

China sets to win uphill battle against poverty

[2016-03-11 21:37]

Few of the over 55 million people living in China's underdeveloped rural areas have any idea of how the ongoing "two sessions" will soon change their lives for the better.