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Looking to the new generation

[2016-03-09 07:23]

The government is preparing to further deepen reform of the national policy on planned parenthood to ensure a stable workforce and continued growth.

Li stresses the course for growth

[2016-03-09 07:14]

The government is to continue with its self-reform program and delegation of power to lower levels to boost market vibrancy in central and western areas.

Health chief promises more pediatricians, children's hospitals

[2016-03-09 03:59]

China will significantly increase medical resources for children in the next five years, the head of the National Health and Family Planning Commission said on Tuesday.

Xi: Zero tolerance on election fraud

[2016-03-09 03:10]

President Xi Jinping vowed to show "zero tolerance" toward election fraud when he joined a panel discussion of lawmakers from Hunan province.

Chinese leaders press reform, development

[2016-03-08 22:40]

Premier Li Keqiang and other Chinese leaders joined national lawmakers Tuesday to deliberate the government work report, stressing reform and development.

Upgrading Yangtze River protection proposed as a national strategy

[2016-03-08 21:08]

The most stringent measures are raised to protect the Yangtze River and some relevant laws and regulations should be made as soon as possible. Also, environmental protection of water should be incorporated into the 13th five-year plan.

Cartoon Commentary on Xi's two sessions talks③: Revitalizing Northeast China's development

[2016-03-08 18:44]

On March 7, Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke to the Heilongjiang delegation at the annual session of the National People's Congress (NPC), China's top legislature. He discussed regional mining industry developments and its transition, pointing out that state-owned enterprises need external help and internal motivation.

Building logistic centers overseas 'consistent with international practice'

[2016-03-08 12:26]

China building logistic capacity overseas is "reasonable" and "consistent with international practice", Foreign Minster Wang Yi said in a news conference on Tuesday.