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Wang: Tokyo should take China as a friend, not a foe

[2016-03-08 12:18]

Foreign Minister Wang Yi summarized Japan's official attitude toward China as "double dealing", and he urged Tokyo to give serious thought and make the right choice upon the question of taking China as a friend or foe.

More measures to protect Chinese travelers, Wang says

[2016-03-08 12:08]

Foreign Minister Wang Yi vowed on Tuesday to improve efficiency in protecting Chinese citizens overseas as more people travel abroad.

China-Russia relationship built on trust and support, Wang says

[2016-03-08 12:07]

Sino-Russia relations are mature and stable and will not be weakened by particular incidents or temporary factors, Foreign Minister Wang Yi says.

China boosts safety of South China Sea, Wang says

[2016-03-08 11:58]

The South China Sea is one of the safest and freest sea lanes in the world due to continued efforts made by China and other regional countries, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said.

China will not accept 'tainted' arbitration on South China Sea

[2016-03-08 11:48]

China will not accept "tainted" arbitration on the South China Sea issue as a ruling by The Hague on a complaint lodged by the Philippines is going to be announced later this year, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Tuesday.

FM: Beijing values ties with DPRK and stands on principles

[2016-03-08 11:40]

Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said that Beijing "will not accommodate" Pyongyang's pushing its nuclear and missile programs, while Pyongyang's need for development and security will be supported.

Xi has pointed way forward for China's diplomacy: FM

[2016-03-08 11:24]

The major-country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics has already taken shape since President Xi Jinping assumed China's top leadership, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Tuesday.

G20 summit will put world economy on recovery path, FM says

[2016-03-08 10:55]

The G20 summit to be held in China is expected to boost people's confidence and put the world economy back on the path of strong recovery, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Tuesday.