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Foreign Minister Wang Yi meets press

[2016-03-08 10:31]

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi (L) meets the press during a news conference on the sidelines of the two sessions on Tuesday.

Foreign minister on China's foreign policy

[2016-03-08 10:29]

Foreign Minister Wang Yi answered questions from reporters both Chinese and foreign at a press conference on Tuesday. Here are some of the highlights.

Country to promote small cities as magnets for tourists

[2016-03-08 10:01]

More than 137 million overseas tourists are expected to visit China this year, up 2.5 percent from last year. Second-and third-tier cities and small towns will play a leading role in attracting overseas tourists in the coming years.

Repentant convicts in Xinjiang get sentence reductions

[2016-03-08 08:34]

Xinjiang's top court plans to continue to reduce the sentences of those convicted of terror-related crimes and of jeopardizing national security.

Tibet hoping to become a top global destination

[2016-03-08 08:20]

In a bid to attract more tourists, the Tibet autonomous region would like to shorten the time it takes to issue travel permits to foreigners.

Pioneer of mediation focuses on community

[2016-03-08 08:16]

When she graduated from college in 1994, 20-year-old Zhu Zhengxu was confident she would be a good judge.

Guizhou maps the way forward to relieve poverty

[2016-03-08 08:16]

Guizhou province, which has more people living below the poverty line than any other, is fighting an uphill battle to help its remaining 5 million impoverished residents rise, national legislators from the southwestern province said on Monday.

Rise in income tax exemption threshold ruled out by official

[2016-03-08 08:16]

Finance Minister Lou Jiwei ruled out on Monday the possibility of raising the monthly income tax exemption threshold.