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Churches face severe shortage of clergy in the country

[2016-03-16 06:25]

Rise in living standards has also resulted in fewer people who are willing to devote themselves to church service, says a Catholic leader.

Chengdu puts focus on logistics

[2016-03-16 08:10]

Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province, has successfully reinvented itself as a major logistics hub, according to the city's deputy mayor.

Soybean province wants protection from GM crops

[2016-03-16 07:33]

National legislators from Heilongjiang call for a law to set up a special zone where the planting and processing of GM plants is prohibited.

Rail an 'ideal field' overseas

[2016-03-16 06:46]

China should speed up the standardization of its high-speed railway technologies and take the lead in setting international standards, an industry insider suggests.

Property market collapse ruled out

[2016-03-16 02:36]

China's real estate market will not collapse as happened in Japan two decades ago, because the situations of the two countries are very different.

China can send its own brands to the world

[2016-03-16 07:58]

Chinese products are expected not only to be cost-effective but also more advanced in quality, brand recognition and credibility.

Nine documents to be voted at China's parliamentary session

[2016-03-15 21:26]

The presidium of the fourth session of the 12th National People's Congress (NPC), China's national legislature, decided to put nine documents for the vote at the session's closing meeting on Wednesday.

Court cites boom in verdict enforcement

[2016-03-15 17:52]

Court cases relating to verdict enforcement have boomed over the past three years, resulting in improved judgments and better protection of litigants' rights, China's top court reported on Tuesday.