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NPC's spokespersons : Who is who

[2016-03-04 12:04]

There have been seven spokespersons for National People's Congresses since the first news conference of China's top legislative was held 1983.

Statesman of Year title 'signals Xi's influence'

[2016-03-04 07:54]

Chinese political advisers and senior Pakistani officials said the recent naming of President Xi Jinping as "Statesman of the Year 2015" by a leading Pakistani newspaper signals the growing recognition worldwide of China's evolving philosophy of governance.

Netizens help shape work report

[2016-03-04 07:54]

More than 60,000 responses from netizens, both at home and abroad, helped the government shape this year's work report to be delivered on Saturday by Premier Li Keqiang, a State Council official told reporters on Thursday.

Standards sought for self-driving cars

[2016-03-04 07:54]

Automakers, technologists agree regulation is needed to usher in new mode of transportation

China is moving toward 'positive transformation'

[2016-03-04 07:54]

Brookings Institution's David Dollar says country in good position for future growth

Rural villages prosper from e-commerce boom

[2016-03-04 07:54]

E-commerce has expanded rapidly in the rural parts of Jiangxi province as operations and service centers spring up across the countryside, according to Gui Qianjin, a deputy of the National People's Congress.

'Sharing economy' seen as next big force

[2016-03-04 07:54]

Ma Huateng, founder, chairman and CEO of Tencent Holdings, will make five suggestions at the National People's Congress annual session, which opens on Saturday, in areas including the development of a sharing economy, Internet-based medical services and security of the Internet ecosystem.

Wildlife protection efforts stepped up

[2016-03-04 07:54]

China has pledged to enhance its protection of wildlife species in the next five years, especially those endangered by threats of poaching and fragmented habitat, including the giant panda, African elephant and Siberian tiger.