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Overseas academics share their thoughts on China's reform policies

[2016-03-15 15:55]

Scholars around the world share their views about China's reform policies which have impressed them the most over the past year.

Official confident rundown-housing renovation target to be met

[2016-03-15 15:52]

A senior housing official said on Tuesday that he was confident that China would achieve this year's renovation target for substandard housing.

What overseas academics would ask Premier Li Keqiang

[2016-03-15 11:57]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will hold a press conference to wrap up this year's session of the National People's Congress (NPC), China's top parliamentary body, on March 16.

Anti-graft campaign targets poverty relief

[2016-03-15 02:28]

The anti-corruption campaign will include a new target this year cracking down on the misuse and embezzlement of poverty relief funds.

Car-hailing companies' subsidies unfair competition, minister say

[2016-03-15 02:32]

The minister of transport criticized car-hailing app operators on Monday for the subsidies they offer to users, describing the practice as unfair competition.

Washington's human rights stance 'serves its own interests'

[2016-03-15 06:45]

The United States' confrontational attitude toward China on human rights serves only its national interests, China's top human rights researchers said.

Deputies make quality a priority

[2016-03-15 07:51]

Many motions introduced in annual legislative session resulted from grassroots research, NPC department says

Abbot seeks Life-Cherishing Day to protect wildlife

[2016-03-15 07:51]

Abbot Shenghui may be hundreds of kilometers from his monastery in Central China's Hunan province, but as a deputy to the National People's Congress, he retains his special role as teacher to the people.