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Premier Li urges Guangdong to pioneer reform

[2016-03-09 20:49]

Premier Li Keqiang has urged Guangdong province, a pioneer in China's reform and opening up more than three decades ago, to continue in this role as the country works to overhaul its slowing economy.

Top legislator lauds enhanced legislation on China's national security

[2016-03-09 16:23]

Chinese top legislator Zhang Dejiang on Wednesday lauded enhanced legislation on the country's national security in the past year.

China to boost consumer goods quality: minister

[2016-03-09 16:16]

China will devote more effort to elevating the quality of consumer goods in the next five years, the country's quality watchdog chief said Wednesday.

New laws enacted to clear the air; joint efforts needed

[2016-03-09 09:11]

China has taken a series of measures to control air pollution. Since 2013, the central government has issued the Action Plan on Air Pollution Prevention and Control, launching a national campaign against smog.

Government mulls update to regulations

[2016-03-09 08:41]

China is revising regulations this year to better protect the interests of religious groups and curb extremism, according to faith leaders.

China's fertility treatment reaches world-class level

[2016-03-09 08:41]

Around 700,000 fertility treatment surgeries are carried out in China every year, a top health and population official revealed on Tuesday.

Foreign experts offer their insights for report

[2016-03-09 08:23]

Ideas and suggestions drawn from foreign experts, including Nobel Prize winners, were listened to before Premier Li Keqiang put his own touches to the final version of the annual Government Work Report, which will become a regular practice in the coming years.

Chinese investment holds promise for all Europe

[2016-03-09 08:19]

The pace of China's investment activities in Europe seems to be quickening, even as European investment remains stuck at historically below-average rates.