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Insurance companies expanding overseas

[2016-03-14 08:05]

With the rapid development of China's insurance sector, an increasing number of insurers are expanding overseas.

Global since 1985, firm offers advice

[2016-03-14 08:05]

Some companies didn't need encouragement from the government's Go Global strategy. They were already doing it.

Fight against terror intensified

[2016-03-14 08:05]

China will continue to severely punish those involved in separatist and terrorist activities this year, the Supreme People's Court said in its annual work report.

For nation's anti-graft campaign, no slowdown

[2016-03-14 07:40]

Judicial authorities say the country has remained tough on corruption as it presses on with its anti-graft drive launched three years ago.

Analyst: Dialogue helping anti-graft fight

[2016-03-14 07:34]

Recent cooperation between the United States and China in combating corruption is encouraging, according to David Firestein, vice-president of the East West Institute.

Global prominence the goal for Chinese soccer

[2016-03-14 07:24]

Authorities plan further development of the most popular game to drive growth and prepare the way for eventually hosting the FIFA World Cup.

Measures for curbing pollution to be fortified

[2016-03-14 08:14]

China Daily collected questions on issues that netizens care most about and solicited answers from political advisers, legislators and senior government officials.