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Electric carmakers galvanized by anti-pollution measures

[2016-03-08 08:16]

China's leading manufacturers of electric cars will receive a big boost in the next five years, as the country provides more support for the sector amid mounting pressure to combat air pollution.

National blueprint prescribes shot in the arm for drugs companies

[2016-03-08 08:16]

The constant use of phrases such as "biological medicine", "healthcare reform" and "a healthy China" in the country's 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20) has encouraged pharmaceutical companies, both Chinese and foreign, to expand their development programs.

Country to promote small cities as magnets for tourists

[2016-03-08 08:16]

As the annual sessions of the top legislative body and political advisory body continue, China Daily collected questions on issues that netizens care most about and solicited answers from political advisers, legislators and senior government officials.

2030 emission goal 'reasonable' - top climate negotiator

[2016-03-08 08:04]

China's greenhouse gas emissions are likely to peak by 2030 or perhaps earlier, the country's special representative on climate change said.

Cases of illegal GM crops 'under control'

[2016-03-08 07:15]

Genetically modified crops have been planted illegally in China, but such cases are sporadic and under control, Minister of Agriculture Han Changfu said in Beijing on Monday.

Fujian to blaze trail for reforms

[2016-03-08 07:00]

The central government will continue to promote peace and development on both sides of the Taiwan Straits by launching more pilot reform programs in Fujian province, Premier Li Keqiang said on Monday.

Moderate fiscal deficit growth 'affordable'

[2016-03-08 04:09]

China can afford to expand its fiscal deficit this year while reining in risks associated with the overall debt level, Finance Minister Lou Jiwei said on Monday.

Granting longer visas for foreign experts eyed to ease entry

[2016-03-08 02:39]

China is considering plans to make it easier for foreign experts to come and stay, such as offering them five- or even 10-year multiple-entry visas.