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Great strides made in poverty alleviation

[2016-03-10 08:07]

While China's economy has experienced eye-catching growth during the last few decades, one of the most notable achievements has been the alleviation of poverty in the country.

Elderly to get more help with medical expenses

[2016-03-10 07:56]

A basic medical insurance system has been established in China, which has covered more than 95 percent of all Chinese people in both urban and rural areas. Subscribers, their employers and government investment all contribute to the insurance fund.

New law aims to give charity a lift

[2016-03-10 07:19]

Lawmakers are debating new legislation to encourage the development of the charitable sector and repair a tarnished image.

Graft fight to continue, top lawmaker informs deputies

[2016-03-10 07:18]

Lawmakers will continue to push forward anti-corruption and related legislation this year, top legislator Zhang Dejiang said on Wednesday.

Exports high on Li's agenda

[2016-03-10 06:57]

Premier Li has encouraged Guangdong province to lead in introducing more Chinese brands and products to markets in developed economies such as the US and the EU.

Xi's remarks boost private sector

[2016-03-10 02:30]

In a rare move, the government released on Wednesday the full transcript of President Xi Jinping's remarks in support of private businesses during a panel discussion with political advisers last week.

NPC hopes charity law can help poverty fight

[2016-03-10 00:43]

A draft of China's first bill regulating charities was submitted to the national legislature on Wednesday, with lawmakers hoping it can give donors confidence to help the country meet its poverty alleviation targets.

Legislature to provide institutional guarantee for China's 2020 goals

[2016-03-10 00:37]

The National People's Congress (NPC), China's top legislature, has announced its major tasks for 2016, a crucial year in the journey toward a moderately prosperous society by 2020.