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China will not accept 'tainted' arbitration on South China Sea

By AN BAIJIE (chinadaily.com.cn)

Updated: 2016-03-08 11:48:51


China will not accept "tainted" arbitration on the South China Sea issue as a ruling by The Hague on a complaint lodged by the Philippines is going to be announced later this year, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Tuesday.

"This so-called arbitration has become tainted and China is not going to humor it," Wang told a news conference during the ongoing annual session of the National People's Congress.

The Philippines filed the arbitration case in early 2013, which is still ongoing. China has refused to be involved in the proceedings, maintaining that the rows should be settled by the countries directly involved through consultation and negotiation.

In 2006, the Chinese government exercised its right under Article 298 and made a declaration that excludes compulsory arbitration, and over 30 other countries have made similar declarations, Wang said.

"In legal terms, these declarations must be respected by other parties," he said.

By not accepting the arbitration case, the Chinese government is acting entirely in accordance with the law, whereas the Philippines' practice is unlawful, unfaithful and unreasonable, the minister said.

"Some people are trying to make waves (in the South China Sea) and some others are showing their forces." Wang said. "History will prove who is merely a guest and who is the real host."