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280 male students celebrate birthday of only female in department

(People's Daily Online) Updated: 2016-07-13 14:47
280 male students celebrate birthday of only female in department

Hundreds of male students celebrate birthday for Wu Xun.[Photo from Sina Weibo]

Recently a group of photos showing a birthday celebration went viral online. In the photos, what looks like hundreds of male students are holding a birthday party for just one girl.

The girl, named Wu Xun, is the only female student among all her classmates majoring in marine engineering at Shanghai's Merchant Marine College. What's more, Wu is the first female marine engineering major in the history of the college. The department had only ever admitted male students before her.

During the party, all 280 male students stood in rows and sang to Wu for her birthday. They also prepared a cake for her. Two students rolled the cake into the party on a trolley, stopping right in front of Wu. Extremely moved, Wu cut the cake into eight sections to share with the eight classes in her department.

In the eyes of her classmates, Wu is not only an excellent student, she is also strong and confident. "She never buckles to external pressures," one of the boys in the class praised her.

Wu says she hopes that more girls join the marine engineering department in the future.

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