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China's new draft law redefines 'terrorism', regulates media coverage

(Xinhua/China Daily) Updated: 2015-12-22 07:18
Highlights of other drafts

Domestic violence

The country's first domestic violence law may cover emotional or psychological abuse, as well as cohabitation, to provide protection for characteristically silent victims of abuse. "The country prohibits any form of domestic violence," the draft said.


The draft law on Traditional Chinese Medicine seeks to expand the role of TCM in dealing with emergency public health incidents, as well as in disease prevention and control. It would strengthen policy support for TCM and make policies allowing TCM medical fees to be covered by basic medical insurance.

Wildlife protection

Buying or eating wildlife and related products should follow the laws, as well as social customs, the draft said. It added new regulations and punishments for the sale, purchase, utilization and transportation of wildlife that is not under special state protection, as well as prohibitions on advertising and information sharing that support the illegal trade, purchase and utilization of wildlife and related products.

Stock market changes

The State Council will be able to change the listing system for the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges from approval-based to registration-based anytime within the next two years, easing funding difficulties for companies, if the proposed new listing system is approved. The new system means the stock exchanges will take over IPO approvals and clear the backlog of companies on the waiting list. The proposed new system would emphasize information disclosure while allowing the market to play a bigger role in determining price, timing and scale.

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