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Train tickets can be booked online 20 days in advance

By XU WEI ( Updated: 2013-01-04 19:51


Starting from Dec 31, train passengers are able to book tickets online and via the phone up to 20 days ahead of their journeys, the Ministry of Railways said.

The new rules give passengers eight extra days to book the tickets. Previously, passengers were only able to book tickets 12 days in advance.

Passengers who buy the tickets at reselling booths and railway stations will be able to buy the tickets 18 days ahead of the journeys, according to a statement posted on Friday on, the ministry’s website to buy tickets online.

The ministry’s website was the target of complaints from the public recently after it stopped working two times during a three-day period last month.

On Dec 26, a problem with the air-conditioning system of the room where the website’s servers are kept forced the ministry to halt ticket sales for several hours.

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