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Wu Ying appeals ruling in civil matter

By Jin Haixing ( Updated: 2012-12-10 21:02

Former Zhejiang province businesswoman Wu Ying, who is in prison on a suspended death sentence for financial fraud, has appealed decisions in two civil cases regarding property disputes on Friday, reported.

Wu, former owner of Zhengjiang's Dongyang-based Bense Group, was jailed earlier this year.

Wu Ying is suing Hu Ziren and Liu Xianfu in two separate cases involving transaction made in 2006 of more than 20 disputed properties, valued at 44 million yuan ($7.05 million).

In December 2006, a man named Bi Jian sued Hu Ziren and Liu Xianfu on behalf of Wu Ying. The ruling by a Zhejiang court mediating the dispute, found that the plaintiff agreed to transfer the properties to the defendants for 4 million yuan.

However, according to Wu Ying, the contracts were falsified by Yang Zhiang, one of her company's largest investors, who she claims kidnapped her in December 2006.

Wu has said in previous media reports that Yang forced her to sign papers transferring ownership. Bense claims she did not receive any funds for the transaction.

The Jinhua Intermediate People's Court said in a statement on Nov 29 that the court threw out the lawsuit filed by Bi Jian, who the court said represented Bense Group "without authorization," in the two cases.

According to the report, Wu Ying asked the court to further investigate the allegedly fabricated contracts involved in the two cases, and clarify if the two men named Hu Ziren and Liu Xianfu had paid for the properties to Bense Group.

Wu said in the petition for appeal that the court should refer Bi Jian, Hu Ziren and Liu Xianfu to local police for further investigation for fraud.

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