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Taiwan boats arrive in Diaoyu Islands waters

(Xinhua) Updated: 2012-09-25 09:37

TAIPEI - Nearly 100 fishing boats from Taiwan arrived in waters some 20 nautical miles away from the Diaoyu Islands early Tuesday, local media reported.

One of the boats came as close as 18 nautical miles from the Islands. The Japanese tried to intercept the boats.

A total of 75 fishing boats from Taiwan sailed to the Diaoyu Islands on Monday afternoon from a port in the island's northeastern county of Yilan.

They were later joined on the sea by fishing boats from other parts of Taiwan, which raised the total number to around 100.

According to organizers, the boats will try to sail around the Diaoyu Islands in a move to protect the fishing rights in nearby waters and to protest against Japan's illegal "purchase" of the Diaoyu Islands.

It is said to be the largest unofficial maritime move in Taiwan to "protect the Diaoyu Islands."

After the Japanese government announced its plan to "purchase" part of the Diaoyu Islands earlier this month, the Chinese government and its people have voiced their firm opposition and strong protest.

Local authorities and the public in Taiwan have also expressed strong protest against Japan's move.

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