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Man stabbed in subway brawl

By Shi Yingying ( Updated: 2012-07-17 15:00

A man was stabbed in a fight on Shanghai's Metro Line 2 on Monday morning, hurting a woman nearby.

According to Shanghai-based, an eyewitness said on her weibo that the dispute broke out after two men bumped into each other in a crowded subway carriage. "One of them stabbed the other twice in the arm with his penknife after a quarrel, and the latter shed a lot of blood," she wrote. "The man with the knife also accidentally hurt a woman standing nearby."

According to the witness, the wounded man got off at Metro Line 2's Guanglan Road Station to go to the hospital.

Another witness surnamed Tan said that the injured man also hit the other with his fist. "They started to beat each other after a very short quarrel," Tan said. "The one with the knife had a lot of blood on his face while had a lot on his arm."

Ma Yiyun contributed to this story.

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