Women, young males eye fancy car market

By Li Fangfang ( China Daily ) Updated: 2013-06-10 01:50:39

Women, young males eye fancy car market

Visitors at the Shanghai Auto Show 2013, April 21, 2013. [Photo/Xinhua] 

The younger and self-driving trend of Chinese customers in recent years even influenced the British monarchy's favorite auto brand's marketing and product strategy for China, its second-largest market, which contributed around 30 percent of total sales.

Rolls-Royce celebrated the Asia-Pacific debut of Wraith, the most powerful, dynamic two-door sports car in the ultra luxury brand's 109-year history, at AutoChina Shanghai in April.

"We have taken great pleasure in introducing the new generation of successful Asian entrepreneurs to Rolls-Royce ownership in recent years. Wraith promises to build on this success, forming a key part of our plans for sustainable growth in the region," said Muller-Otvos.

"I have every confidence the car's marriage of dynamism, bold styling and luxury will broaden the marque's appeal further, attracting even more successful and confident Asian younger men and women to Rolls-Royce in the future, satisfying their requirement for dynamic driving."

Although the first deliveries of Wraith to Chinese customers are expected in the fourth quarter, Muller-Otvos said he is confident there will be an increasing number of rich young entrepreneurs in China, a highly important market for the marque. "We are cautiously optimistic about our business in China in 2013. I would not be surprised to see China as our No 1 market this year."

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