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Hong Kong welcomes Christmas with starry train

Updated: 2014-12-05 09:18 (chinadaily.com.cm)
Hong Kong welcomes Christmas with starry train



As Christmas is around the corner, all big cities in the world are in full gear to present something unique. Hong Kong, a vibrant city which often comes up with creative ideas, plans to embrace the upcoming holiday with the theme “Christmas Star City”.

An open square in Hong Kong’s Harbor city has been decorated as a Christmas train station, with red, white and gold as the main colors. A 30-meter long train, with its outer surface adorned with golden stars, will feature a chimney that spurts numerous stars. What is more magical is that at night, using the effect of lighting and mist, the train will look like it is moving forward.

Besides this, there are also a wide range of "specialty stores" in the Christmas station. Right across from the train, four shop windows are in place with four respective themes: Ferris wheel, teddy bear, snow mountain and costume. Visitors can walk into a costume-themed store and take photos with the models.

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