Liu Ye, Zhao Wei and Alec Su say yes to 'The Panda'

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Liu Ye, Zhao Wei and Alec Su say yes to 'The Panda'
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Liu Ye, Zhao Wei and Alec Su say yes to 'The Panda'
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Liu Ye, Zhao Wei and Alec Su, judges of "China's Got Talent", all said yes to "The Panda", a high-energy song and dance number performed by C4 hosts Rob Hemsley and Stuart Wiggin of The program was broadcast on January 5th on Shanghai's Dragon TV.

Liu was invited on stage by the CRI pair after their initial performance and happily complied. Wearing a panda-themed hat, Liu mimicked the noises made by Rob and Stuart, joined in with their dance, and gave positive feedback on their efforts. Liu said, "I don't like what you said just now. You said you didn't dance and sing well. Actually you were wrong. You did a great job. Finally I found a group who dance in the same style just as I do. I danced to my heart just now with you. Thanks a lot. I would say yes to your performance."

Zhao Wei and Alec Su also expressed their appreciation for Rob and Stuart's performance.

"The Panda" was first produced by Rob and Stuart and C4 producer and editor Wu Tong in the form of a music video. It has so far got hundreds of thousands of hits online.

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