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PepsiCo quaker caring parcels delivered to Tibet

( Updated: 2016-05-06 11:07

Special Gifts for Mother's Day

Beijing – As Mother's Day is approaching, PepsiCo Greater China Region (GCR) announced today to donate PepsiCo Quaker Caring Parcels totaling 360,000 yuan to support once again Mother Postal Parcel (MPP) project initiated by the China Women's Development Foundation (CWDF). This donation will bring daily necessities and nutritious PepsiCo Quaker products to 3,000 poor mothers in Tibet so that those mothers can have a warm and healthy Mother's Day. Mme. Qin Guoying, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of CWDF and Cathy Tai, Vice President of Corporate Affairs, PepsiCo GCR attended the donation ceremony together with representatives of the Tibetan Autonomous Region.

In Nagqu, Changdu and Ali of Tibet, the granting areas of PepsiCo Quaker Caring Parcels, local herdsmen's food intake is relatively homogeneous and their nutritional level is comparatively insufficient. The nutritional condition of local women and children is even more worrisome due to factors of natural condition, lifestyle and customs. As one of the global leading food and beverage companies, PepsiCo is dedicated to providing a great variety of delicious food and beverage products for consumers, and PepsiCo's Quaker is the number one hot cereal brand in China. PepsiCo Quaker Caring Parcels pair nutritious and dietary fiber Quaker products with PPM's normal supplies of daily necessities to help satisfy the demands of the nutritional intake of poor Mothers. The 3,000 boxes of Quaker Caring Parcels donated by PepsiCo GCR will be delivered to local poor mothers in Tibet before Mother's Day.

Cathy Tai, Vice President of PepsiCo GCR said, "In the past three decades, PepsiCo has always been investing in China's growth and development while building our food and beverage business. ‘Dreams Begin with PepsiCo' showcases our commitment to giving back to our community. Through PepsiCo Quaker Caring Parcels, we hope to bring health and nutrition as well as our care to those needy Tibetan mothers with Quaker Oats products."

Mme. Qin Guoying, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the CWDF said, "As a long-term strategic partner of CWDF, PepsiCo has been providing great contributions to China's public welfare undertakings by proactively providing full support to such projects as ‘Water Cellar for Mothers' (MWC) and MPP. We want to express our sincere gratitude and heart-felt appreciation to PepsiCo's philanthropic endeavors. Providing nutritious Quaker products into our MPPs will not only satisfy the varied needs of poor mothers' livelihoods, but also an innovative matching to the traditional MPPs."

MPP is a major charity program initiated by CWDF in 2012 and winner of the 8th China Charity Award. PepsiCo, the first Fortune 500 Company to partner with MPP, has been a key supporter ever since the program's initial stage; and Quaker brand of PepsiCo is MPP's only nutritional food partner. The donation of Quaker Caring Parcel represents PepsiCo's further contribution to MPP on the back of its 4 year consecutive support provided by its Chinese New Year campaign "Bring Happiness Home". Up to now, PepsiCo's direct donation to MPP exceeds RMB 4 million, which brings warmth and goodwill to more than 30,000 mothers and their families in 11 provinces, including Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Guizhou, Qinghai, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Ningxia and Guangxi.

In addition to the support of MPP, PepsiCo has always been committed to serving the community and supporting many public welfare projects in China, including its long-term support for the "Water Cellar for Mothers" program; PepsiCo Nutrition in Action program, which provides nutritious meals for students in poverty-stricken areas in Yunnan Province; charity campaigns initiated by associates of PepsiCo plants and farms across the country that directly benefit local communities; and emergency relief efforts in times of big natural disasters. Moreover, PepsiCo is actively supporting the development of China's elementary education and higher education, setting up "PepsiCo Library" to support the needs of rural village schools near our demonstration potato farms, "PepsiCo Better Tomorrow" to improve the learning environment for children of migrant workers, and establishing a "Course on Responsible Corporation" at Tsinghua University School of Economics, among others. As of today, public welfare donation made by PepsiCo Foundation, PepsiCo GCR and PepsiCo associates here in China has exceeded RMB 140 million.

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