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Japanese govt must stop conniving at rightist provocations

[2012-10-05 11:22]

Japanese right-wing activists illegally entered waters around China's Diaoyu Islands on Wednesday, as Tokyo winked at such provocative moves.

China-Japan relations stalled by islands dispute

[2012-09-28 11:13]

The Noda administration is not seeing the forest for the trees while devoting all its energy to the Diaoyu Dao Islands. It is leaving its country’s diplomatic relations with China in a stalemate.

History and laws refute Japan's claim

[2012-09-27 17:43]

The sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands has been settled by history and international laws, but not in the way Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda claimed in New York on Wednesday.

White paper makes watertight case for China's Diaoyu claim

[2012-09-26 21:59]

The Chinese government's white paper on the Diaoyu Islands has presented ample historical facts to support China's sovereignty claim over the territory, scholars worldwide agree.

Scholars defend China's island sovereignty with evidence

[2012-09-26 20:30]

More than 50 scholars from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and abroad convened in Shanghai on Wednesday to defend China's sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands with historical and legal evidence.

Island protection common duty of mainland, Taiwan

[2012-09-26 19:25]

The mainland and Taiwan share the responsibility of safeguarding fishermen's rights in the Diaoyu Islands, the mainland's spokeswoman on Taiwan affairs said on Wednesday.Tokyo must 'give up the illusion'  White paper Comment:Japan cannot deny facts

Japan defies post-war int'l order, China's goodwill

[2012-09-24 21:13]

Anti-Japan protests ebbed in China over the past few days and those responsible for vandalism are being wanted by police, in sharp contrast to a series of provocative moves taken by Japan.

Japan's 'theft' of Diaoyu Islands risks ties

[2012-09-24 19:03]

Japan's "purchase" and "nationalization" of China's Diaoyu Islands is putting China-Japan economic and trade ties at risk due to man-made factors.

Japan blamed for consequence of Diaoyu 'buying'

[2012-09-24 17:38]

Chinese Foreign Ministry stressed on Monday that Japan should bear the consequence caused by its illegally "buying" the Diaoyu Islands.

Japan has to change attitude

[2012-09-19 08:09]

Japan has abandoned reason and ignored China's protests to "nationalize" the Diaoyu Islands.

Japan should drop sense of superiority over China, Asia

[2012-09-18 21:49]

Eighty-one years have passed since the Japanese invasion of China's northeast. But now, it is time for Japan to drop its sense of superiority regarding China and Asia in general.

There should be no provocation over Diaoyu Islands

[2012-09-18 20:10]

Air defense sirens wailed at 9:18 am Tuesday in Shenyang, kicking off nationwide activities marking the 81st anniversary of the Japanese invasion of northeast China.

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