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Defuse dangerous tensions

[2013-11-22 07:20]

China's rise is inevitable, and Beijing should promote the fact its rise is peaceful to dispel the concerns of other countries, including Japan.

Japan's belligerent intentions

[2013-11-04 07:14]

By playing up the "China threat" theory Abe's real intention is to promote the transformation of the Japan Self-Defense Force into a regular army.

Japan's stance will worsen regional situation

[2013-11-01 15:56]

If Japan plays an important role in Asia's security affairs, relations between countries will deteriorate, said an article in People's Daily.

Civil society opposes Abe, wants peace

[2013-10-28 07:03]

To realize that, it is necessary to expose the true intentions of the Abe administration. The prime minister who promises prosperity for Japan is, instead, leading the country toward disaster.

Abe leaves no room for talk

[2013-10-28 07:03]

We see no proper starting point for sensible consultation with Abe, who is clearly determined to press ahead with his brinkmanship.

Relationship should be improved despite disputes

[2013-10-28 00:23]

When Toshihiro Soejima, the director of The Genron NPO, began his annual fundraising efforts for the Beijing-Tokyo forum this year, he was worried "we won't be supported by companies”.

Expert: Talks to dispel deadlock top agenda

[2013-10-26 01:27]

A drastic "mutual distrust" against each nation's defense policy is fueling the deadlock in China-Japan relations, a senior expert said.

More flexibility is key for nations

[2013-10-26 01:25]

China Daily Tokyo Bureau Chief Cai Hong interviewed Noboru Yamaguchi, professor of the National Defense Academy of Japan. He is a retired lieutenant general of Japan's ground self-defense force.

Way to go for China, Japan

[2013-10-25 10:10]

The China-Japan relations have been stuck in a stalemate since September 2012. People of insight in the two countries are pooling their wisdom, trying to find solutions to the situation.

Learning English in Japan

[2013-10-24 07:10]

In Japan, the college entrance exam is just as competitive as China's gaokao, and the English language examination is of crucial importance. "It's required for all college entrance exams, even the ones that don't require math or Japanese. If you want to get into a prestigious university, it's absolutely necessary that you score high on the English exam," said Ayaka Na, a 29-year-old from Nara in the Kansai region of Japan.

Dark side to Japan's official image

[2013-10-18 09:36]

Abe builds up military appeal and capacity - but not all for self-defense

Japan double-dealing over security

[2013-10-11 09:53]

Revised joint defense guidelines likely to be skewed against China

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