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Mishandling Taiwan issues won't do Japan any good

[2014-02-20 16:29]

If a government claims to recognize you as the sole legal government of a country, but at the same time allows some of its lawmakers to institute a relationship act with part of your territory, you have good reason to feel cheated and ask why.

Japan's dangerous obsession

[2014-02-20 07:44]

If a country claims that it sticks by non-nuclear principles but at same time hoards far more nuclear materials than it needs, including a massive amount of weapons-grade plutonium, the world has good reason to ask why, says a Xinhua commentary.

Mapping the truth of history

[2014-02-20 07:44]

No matter what means are used by the Japanese side to support its unilateral and illegal sovereign claims, the fact that the Diaoyu Islands are an inherent part of China’s territory cannot be distorted or changed.

Japan's dangerous obsession

[2014-02-20 07:44]

Adding to the world's concern, Japan is also reportedly hoarding more than 1.2 tons of enriched uranium and another 44 tons of plutonium, which overwhelmingly dwarf its civilian demands.

Abe trampling history

[2014-02-19 07:05]

Japan refuses to even admit the nature, let alone scale, of its war crimes during WWII, and that refusal has now spread beyond the government to the country's most important broadcasting organization.

Flying in the face of reason

[2014-02-17 07:56]

One tragedy of World War II was Japan's fascist fanatics driving young pilots into suicidal attacks on US warships. These kamikaze attacks have become synonymous with crazy, reckless behavior.

Abe's march to militarism

[2014-02-14 07:51]

The political energy displayed by Japanese PM Shinzo Abe is becoming a real threat that the international community needs to effectively guard against.

Into an abyss of disgrace

[2014-02-12 07:47]

Abe's worrisome rhetoric denying Japan's war crimes against humanity and its liabilities has dragged Japan into an abyss of disgrace.

Into an abyss of disgrace

[2014-02-12 07:19]

Despite Abe's abject denials of the historical truth and evidence, Japan is still liable for its wartime crimes against humanity.

A subtle US warning for Abe

[2014-02-11 08:56]

These rebuffs show that Washington has put Abe on notice that he can continue misreading history and ignoring subtle messages only at his own peril.

Ill historical assertions

[2014-02-11 08:17]

Despite being responsible for the current impasse between China and Japan, Japanese PM Shinzo Abe has made an unctuous appeal to avoid a war.

History reveals Abe's ploy

[2014-02-11 08:06]

Japan's occupation of Diaoyu Islands violates all established laws and poses a challenge to post-war international order.

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