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State Councilor hails PECC's support in regional economic cooperation

By Zhang Zhouxiang ( Updated: 2014-09-10 17:46

Yang Jiechi, Chinese State Councilor on diplomacy, expressed his congratulations to the meeting in an open letter.

"I am glad to learn that the 22nd General Meeting of PECC will be held in Beijing to discuss Asia-Pacific economic cooperation in 2014 and beyond," he wrote in the letter, offering his "warm congratulations".

Yang looked back on the history of PECC "as an advocate and observer of APEC", as well as its "active and leading role in promoting Asia-Pacific economic growth and integration".

"By organizing in-depth discussions among government officials, senior scholars and business people from PECC member economies on Asia-Pacific cooperation, PECC has provided useful intellectual support for decision-making in regional economic cooperation and a powerful boost to the Asia-Pacific Family," Yang wrote.

In his posts as foreign minister and State Councilor, Yang has always supported PECC in its activities. Several PECC organizers remembered how he rallied resources for the organization.

Yang wished the 22nd PECC general meeting "complete success" and expressed his welcome to all who attend the meeting.

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