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Backgrounder: About the PECC organization

By ZHANG YUNBI ( Updated: 2014-09-10 16:03

The Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC) is a non-profit, policy-oriented, regional organization dedicated to the promotion of a stable and prosperous Asia-Pacific.

Founded in 1980, PECC brings together leaders from business, government, civil society and academic institutions in a non-official capacity.

Together, PECC members anticipate problems and challenges facing the region and formulate practical solutions.

More than three decades on, it continues to serve as an independent forum to discuss cooperation and policy coordination to promote economic growth and development in the Asia-Pacific region.

PECC is one of the three official observers of the APEC process. Currently, PECC comprises 26 member committees with its governing body, known as the 'Standing Committee,' meeting annually and comprising representatives from each member committee.

The international co-chairs of the Standing Committee are elected by consensus for three-year terms.

Day-to-day operations are managed by the PECC international Secretariat which has been located in Singapore since 1990.


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