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HCOTC further promotes corn products development

Updated: 2016-10-17 15:34

Harbin Cereal & Oil Trading Co Ltd (HCOTC) has made great efforts in recent years to upgrade its brand and develop new products, expanding its field of operations so that it now covers the entire corn processing supply chain.

The company now produces a huge range of corn products such as corn flour, corn grits, cereal germ and corn bran.

HCOTC was founded in 2013 in Yilan county, which is under the jurisdiction of the city of Harbin, Heilongjiang province.

The company produces 20,000 tons of corn flour every year and processes 20,000 tons of corn annually.

It has 35,000 square meters of warehouse space, with a capacity of 150,000 tons. Moreover, it can also provide grain storage space for the State and other enterprises.

HCOTC also provides local farmers with training and assistance in selling their products and increasing their revenues.

According to leaders at HCOTC, the corn deep-processing business is supported by the government. The company has established a quality safety management system to guarantee the purchase, produce, and package and storage processes.

HCOTC has signed several contracts with other companies to sell corn products.

The company’s move into corn deep-processing industry has provided a boost to local industry in a variety of sectors, including farming, transportation and packaging, and led directly to the creation of more than 500 jobs.

The leader of the company said that HCOTC has been listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and that it will further expand the product selling market and optimize its management practices.

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