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HCOTC further promotes corn products development

[2016-10-17 15:34]

Harbin Cereal & Oil Trading Co Ltd (HCOTC) has made great efforts in recent years to upgrade its brand and develop new products, expanding its field of operations so that it now covers the entire corn processing supply chain.

Reporters tour Yilan

[2016-10-08 16:07]

Wine caves, cherry vinegar and Chairman Mao's personal photographer were on the itinerary on Sept 27 as a group of reporters were given the opportunity to explore the unique heritage of the remote but beautiful city of Yilan.

Harbin e-commerce banishes waste to reduce poverty

[2016-09-20 16:02]

Jintaohui has launched a campaign to reduce poverty in Heilongjiang's Binxian county by connecting local farmers to a powerful e-commerce platform.

Rural areas prosper from development of Yingjie scenic spot

[2016-08-25 14:39]

The establishment of a tourism area in Yingjie on the outskirts of Harbin has led to a better standard of living and improved social welfare for many in the area.

Jinfutai Agricultural Company to promote industrial integration in rural areas

[2016-08-18 16:01]

Jinfutai Agricultural Co Ltd has made considerable efforts to expand its industries in recent years, aiming to promote integration and help famers increase their revenues.

Beautiful villages in Anjia town

[2016-08-18 14:28]

Considerable development has occurred over the past year in the construction of villages in Anjia town, a town in Wuchang of Harbin, Heilongjiang province.

Cultural activities in Wuchang during 2016

[2016-08-17 08:54]

Cultural and recreational activities have been organized by cultural education offices in Wuchang town, Harbin, Heilongjiang province.

Overview of Mulan

[2016-07-27 16:15]

The county of Mulan, Heilongjiang province, near Harbin in the northeast, is an important site on the Silk Road Economic Belt.

Yidishui loving heart society in Yanshou

[2016-07-27 09:44]

The Yidishui loving heart society was established in June, 2014. It was a Yanshou volunteers' ten-member wechat group originally.

Shangzhi county strives to develop tourist industry

[2016-07-26 10:54]

The tourist industry is the pillar industry in Shangzhi. "The first slide in Asia", the "Maoer mountain glass skyglass", and "The biggest seal" have become well-known Chinese scenic spots.

The achievement of county beautification in Tonghe county

[2016-07-25 17:27]

The Tonghe government spends one million yuan on cultural and sports activities every year to improve the living standard of Tonghe residents.

Social construction in Wuchang Cultural Station

[2016-07-27 15:39]

The Wuchang Cultural Station has actively launched science popularization education, Chinese ancient civilization classes and voluntary activities.

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