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Wuxi: A rib feast, any style

By Jiang Luying ( Updated: 2016-05-30 17:39

A Wuxi Rib Cook-off drew dozens of people from 14 countries and regions to show off their cooking skills on May 29.

The contestants, from the US, Canada, France, Italy, South Korea, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Laos, Rwanda, Malaysia and Taiwan, were chefs, homemakers, overseas students and teachers in Wuxi.

Marco Polo's Journey Ribs, My Mama's Ribs, Elder Brother's Ginseng Ribs, Texas-style Ribs, Grandma's Hakka Fried Pork, Old-style Taiwanese Stewed Ribs …all told twelve styles of ribs, stewed or roasted, fried or steamed, sweet or salty, spicy or sour, to excite five judges' and 120 audience members' taste buds.

Actually, food is not only just food. It may also be an embodiment of emotion.

Philippe Aizpurua came to China from France because of his wife, a midwife in Wuxi Baijia Maternity Hospital. The couple, who have been married for 29 years, always cook, travel and ride together to enjoy their life in a foreign land.

My Mama's Ribs adopted a home-made sauce, which has been passed down through three generations; therefore, the dish is full of mama's love.

Frenchman Sylvain Benoit named his dish "screaming ribs" as he always cooks accompanied by four screaming and crying kids. He confesses that he enjoys the process very much.

Finally, Texpats' Texas-style Ribs, Rwanda's Akabenzi's Pork and Molto Bene's Marco Polo's Journey Ribs were voted into the top three places.

The Wuxi Rib Cook-off, sponsored by the information office of the Wuxi municipal government, the bureau of commerce of the Wuxi municipal government and the Guolian Group, was one of a series of external activities called "Love in Wuxi". It intends to globally showcase the livable city’s exciting charm.

Currently, there are 12,000 expats working and studying in Wuxi, and around 300,000 international people visit the city every year.



Zhuzhu Team's Laos Pork Ribs

Rwanda's Akabenzi Pork

Spice Babes's My mama's Ribs

Les BN's French Ribs

The Laobans' Sweet and Spicy Ribs

Cuisine Map's Old-style Taiwanese Stewed Ribs

Molto Bene's Marco Polo's Journey

Family Foodies' Grandma's Hakka Fried Pork

Korean Elder Brothers Team's Sun Ribs

Chinese team's Sweet and Sour Ribs

Wuxi Baijia's Côtelettes Castraises

Texpats' Texas Style Ribs

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