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Troubles brewing over climate action

[2009-12-12 14:07]

Contentious issues seem to be on the rise, both inside and outside the Bella Center where negotiations entered the fourth day in Copenhagen for an international agreement to tackle climate change.

Looking for climate solutions in Copenhagen

[2009-12-08 07:23]

A lot of heat is being generated in Copenhagen as thousands of government officials and NGO representatives gather to find ways to cool the Earth.

Love cannot be measured with money

[2009-12-03 07:18]

The big news in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, and all over China over the weekend was a 10-year-old girl's birthday party.

Obama made friends, not enemies

[2009-11-26 07:54]

United States President Barack Obama received an avalanche of criticism from the Western media for his recent trip to Asia.

Nixon or Obama, cooperation holds

[2009-11-18 07:47]

When Richard Nixon claimed that his one-week stay in China in February 1972 "changed the world", no one could have predicted how great the changes would be.

Display your affection but think of the public, too

[2009-11-13 08:03]

Nearly 40,000 people have joined an online debate over whether a college has the right to interfere in public display of affection by students on campus.

High time we stopped shivering

[2009-11-05 07:40]

Beijing's decision to turn on the heat is a momentous change from a policy set nearly 60 years ago, when China was still struggling to feed and clothe its people...

Discouraging our Good Samaritans

[2009-10-29 08:50]

China Central Television (CCTV) is currently running a series of short profiles of heroes and heroines on its nightly newscast.

Let's dissect the media for a change

[2009-10-22 07:48]

My friend Xu Haoyuan sent me two emails within a month about problems she encountered in news media coverage. Each illustrates how far some journalists nowadays have strayed from accuracy and truthfulness.

Welcome draft law on an important subject

[2009-10-14 07:11]

Heated debates started in late September when word spread that the Beijing municipal people's congress was revising the Law on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Women.

Old farmlands feel the heat of climate change

[2009-09-17 08:04]

Next week, world leaders will deliberate at the United Nations on measures and actions over climate change in preparation for the Copenhagen Climate Conference in December. For many people, climate change is a political issue that should be left to them to deal with.

Can we make education less costly for the poor

[2009-09-10 08:35]

Since the start of school on September 1, local governments across China have been trumpeting new policies intended to insure that compulsory education is truly free. Rural children, in particular, will benefit from these policies, which limit the fees a school can charge.

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