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One hundred years of dreaming

[2008-07-31 07:29]

Googling such key words as "Olympics dream", we get both hilarious and sad stories of athletes from different countries. Some have won their berths and are coming to Beijing with high expectations while others are seeing their dreams dashed as a result of injuries or other problems.

Many things modern are great follies

[2008-07-24 07:33]

A few weeks ago, the health reporter of my paper got the news that all public toilets in Beijing would be provided free toilet paper and paper towels during the Olympic Games.

How to not write really good stories

[2008-07-17 07:31]

Zhang Mengsu, a high school graduate in Central China's Hubei province, became a national celebrity overnight.

Abuse of power is no farcical matter

[2008-07-03 07:37]

The truth finally prevailed, when Shaanxi provincial forestry bureau officially admitted on Sunday that it had erred about a photo of a wild South China tiger by farmer Zhou Zhenglong from Shaanxi province.

Send them out to learn from life

[2008-06-26 07:44]

Two college applicants, one from Shanghai and the other from Zhejiang, got the full score for the Chinese language prose they wrote for the national college entrance examinations.

Salute these heroic boys and girls

[2008-06-19 07:39]

Until a few days ago, most stories about schools in areas struck by the May 12 earthquake in Sichuan featured flattened buildings or teachers who risked or even sacrificed their lives to save children.

Get the best of stories but have a heart

[2008-06-12 07:48]

A month ago today at 2:28 pm, the Wenchuan earthquake started to rip apart villages, towns and cities in Sichuan, the land of abundance, leisure and natural splendor, causing a tremendous loss of lives as well as pain and agony throughout the country.

Ecology key to rebuilding quake zone

[2008-06-05 07:55]

When tears run dry for the loss of our loved ones to the devastating May 12th earthquake, we have the urge to pick up the broken pieces and start reconstruction rightaway.

A world full of sounds of silence

[2008-05-29 13:28]

More than 1,000 journalists from around the world have been braving frequent aftershocks, landslides and other dangers in Sichuan.

Quotes and bites from life's edge

[2008-05-22 07:22]

The race against time to save lives began ever since the Wenchuan earthquake struck a great part of Sichuan as well as neighboring Gansu, Shaanxi and Yunnan provinces on May 12.

Where lives and loves lie in ruins

[2008-05-15 07:26]

Three sleepless nights have passed since the earth jolted and shook the whole country Monday afternoon.

Gold medals galore for not lighting up

[2008-05-08 07:16]

As an ardent supporter of the smoking ban in public places, I was a little disappointed when the municipal government announced last week that restaurants, Internet cafes, parks, and waiting halls at airports, railway stations and coach stations are only required to set up smoking areas under its amended regulation to expand smoke-free public places.

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