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Shutting off Internet cafes is not good governance

[2006-10-12 06:18]

A letter arrived on the desk of the Party secretary of Fangxian County, in North China's Shanxi Province, on March 8 of this year.

Remember civic duty to value life

[2006-09-28 06:24]

The street to the east of my apartment building in Beijing was once a quiet one. Even though it had six lanes, it led to nowhere, stopping short of the northern Fourth Ring Road.

Creating an environment civil for all

[2006-09-21 10:35]

In an article published last week in Malaysia's leading Chinese-language newspaper, Sin Chew Daily, a Mr Lam recalled unpleasant experiences he had during a recent visit to Shanghai and Zhejiang Province.

New health care system essential for social harmony

[2006-09-14 09:05]

Health care is one of the three main things that the average Chinese worries about nowadays, along with children's education and housing.

Higher education needs reform

[2006-09-07 09:13]

As schools open for the new semester and the 20th Teachers' Day arrives in three days, the news media are drumming up a lot more about what's going on in schools nowadays.

Everyone can lend a hand to Olympic programmes

[2006-08-31 07:05]

Beijing officially launched its drive to recruit 100,000 volunteers for the 2008 Olympic Games on Monday.

Many share responsibility for farmers' melon losses

[2006-08-24 06:26]

Five weeks ago, a local Guangzhou newspaper suggested that some watermelons in the city's market might have been contaminated with injections of "hongyaoshui," which literally means "red medicinal water."

Services must be improved for better law enforcement

[2006-08-17 05:45]

Wreaths lay in front of the gate to a major electronics store at Zhongguancun in Beijing over the weekend, in memory of Li Zhiqiang, a policeman who died on duty last Friday.

Officials have responsibility to provide aid

[2006-08-10 06:22]

Wang Yi has struggled to improve the New Century School for children of migrant workers ever since he founded it in 1999.

Mutual help more vital than self-sacrifice

[2006-08-03 06:44]

Five successive typhoons swept through southern and central China between May and July, killing hundreds of people and destroying hundreds of thousands of homes.

Excessive tourism spoils historic charm

[2006-07-27 06:19]

Chinese teenagers first learn about Lu Xun through his narrative of the days he spent in his family garden and his traditional schooling.

Time to do away with empty talk

[2006-07-20 06:15]

Fans of the ongoing young singers' competition on China Central Television (CCTV) have had a field day over the past week, as they have a chance to enjoy some of the best singers the nation has to offer.

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