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Don't pull apart the countryside

[2010-11-05 08:31]

Lu Ye, a top Party chief in Luojiang county, Sichuan province, still remembers a quarrel he had with local farmers earlier this year. They disagreed over whether additional walls should be built inside the courtyards in a new village called Daowan.

Enforcing law can ease traffic woes

[2010-10-22 07:52]

We were waiting for a stoplight to turn green in Beijing on Tuesday when a champagne-colored Mazda-6 with Snoopy painted on the right rear door screeched to a halt.

Protect people from phone scams

[2010-10-15 08:12]

Several years ago, many people received text messages telling them that large purchases had been charged to their debit or credit cards in other parts of the country.

On own road to green revolution

[2010-10-08 07:52]

Smog blurred the skyline Wednesday morning as I opened the curtain of my hotel room in Tianjin. The day was hot and stifling; the heat and CO2 seemed to be trapped beneath a blanket of smog.

New schools rising from quake ruins

[2010-09-30 07:49]

Four months after the devastating earthquake destroyed a large area of Sichuan province, my colleagues at China Daily and I made a commitment to support at least one rural student apiece.

Going beyond sightseeing and shopping

[2010-09-16 07:48]

Last Saturday, an elderly American friend of mine went to see Peking Opera in a small theater in the rear garden of Prince Gong's Palace in Beijing.

Beware the cost of 'getting there'

[2010-08-27 07:46]

My colleagues from the China Daily Guangxi bureau and I took a week-long drive through Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region - from Nanning, the capital, southwest and south to Chongzuo and Qinzhou.

Do not sacrifice farmers' interests

[2010-08-13 07:54]

A two-day brainstorming session on trends and challenges in "urban-rural integration" in Haikou left me with more questions than answers.

GDP ranking no reason to celebrate

[2010-08-06 08:02]

The foreign media are abuzz with the news that China may soon surpass Japan to become the second largest economy in the world.

It is time to rethink new CBDs

[2010-07-30 06:37]

On Monday, a worker in Beijing dropped dead while delivering bottled water. The cause of death: heat stroke.

Getting down to action on climate change

[2010-07-23 08:04]

Exceptionally high temperatures from New York to Paris, Berlin, and Moscow to Beijing and Shanghai is making climate change a hot topic these days at forums, workshops and conferences.

No escape from environmental concerns

[2010-07-16 06:54]

Two months ago, I shared my experiences covering the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference at a forum that examined the roles and influences of government, the media, and non-governmental organizations.

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