Opinion / Li Xing

Small steps lead to big strides

[2008-10-30 07:40]

The seeming lack of progress in more women rising to high-level positions in government, business, and social, academic and even media circles has prompted criticism of the All-China Women Federation (ACWF).

Teachers like Li need our support

[2008-10-23 07:43]

AThere is a lot of talk these days about what China's obligations are as a "responsible stakeholder" in a world facing a global economic crisis.

Despite the Net, books are here to stay

[2008-10-16 07:42]

Will the digital revolution mean that books go the way of pen and parchment?

Leave it to the students to decide

[2008-10-09 07:36]

A national winter sports campaign will start on Oct 26.

A lack of public service is the problem

[2008-09-25 08:04]

In the wake of the powdered milk scandal, young parents all over China face an agonizing problem: what next?

Businesses must become ethical entities

[2008-09-18 07:57]

A young colleague of mine finds her anger rising while covering the latest developments in the baby formula scandal, which now involves 22 producers. She keeps asking, "Where are the ethics in the bottom line?"

Overcoming psychological barrier

[2008-09-11 07:49]

More than 1 million tickets to the Beijing Paralympics were sold before the grand opening last Saturday.

Best ways to care for the disabled

[2008-09-04 07:34]

Chinese volunteers working for the upcoming Paralympics have learned some hard lessons from the rebuff they've received for trying to lend a helping hand to some of the wheelchair-bound athletes.

Those who never say die live on

[2008-08-21 08:26]

Many of us have gone through a lot of ups and downs with the athletes as the Beijing Olympics enters its 14th day. With the Games in town, we simply cannot help it but experiencing the great ecstasy as the stars or the obscure win; or the deep sadness as they lose or fall.

Highs and sighs of a dream

[2008-08-14 08:18]

There are a lot of hoorays and sighes in the office as the most spectacular Olympic Games in history is taking place right in my home city.

Guiding your way through a world of joy

[2008-08-07 08:48]

I had a chance to go and watch the rehearsal of the opening ceremony last Saturday, the content of which I was under an oath not to divulge.

Lasting memories from very short run

[2008-08-07 07:56]

My leg of the torch relay Wednesday was all too short, somewhere around 37 m. But I felt proud, because I was not alone.

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