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[2013-06-28 13:12]

Menial jobs help students become adults

[2011-08-05 07:55]

On a flight from Beijing to Washington in mid-June, my colleague met several Chinese college students. Enrolled in a summer work/travel program, they were excited about the chance to live and work in the United States for a few months.

Sense of crisis may lead to faster progress

[2011-07-29 07:49]

Many Americans fear that the United States is losing its competitive edge in the world. The deterioration of education in the US only adds to this sense of crisis.

Freedom for the daughters of Tibet

[2011-07-22 07:40]

If I were not in Washington, I'd like to be in Tibet this week as the autonomous region celebrates the 60th anniversary of its peaceful liberation.

Sound bytes and the cyber village

[2011-07-08 07:49]

I signed up for Twitter on Tuesday to make sure I would be able to send a question to US President Barack Obama when he became the first head of state in the world to host a "Twitter town hall" on Wednesday.

For retirement, not only age counts

[2011-07-02 07:53]

Since I came to live in Washington, I've noticed that people over 60 have ample opportunities to keep up their careers. It is the norm here that an individual has the right to choose whether he or she retires or continues working.

Learning more than just the language

[2011-06-24 07:52]

I didn't expect people to greet me in Chinese when I attended a cocktail reception held by the Washington-based International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) on Tuesday.

Academic excellence spawns innovative ideas

[2011-06-17 07:37]

On Tuesday, I had a chance to go through several ongoing science and technology research projects at the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington.

EU carbon rule will generate distrust

[2011-06-10 07:59]

People seem to become more forthright when they are about to step down from their positions. That may be why Giovanni Bisignani, director-general and chief executive officer of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) since 2002, placed the European Union and its parliament on a "wall of shame" in his "state of the industry" speech on Monday.

US public prefers parochial view of world

[2011-06-03 08:01]

Since relocating in Washington, my husband and I have been doing our best to keep up with the news by watching television.

Mutual trust requires greater effort

[2011-05-27 07:30]

China and the United States still have much to do to establish mutual trust even though the two countries have come a long way in developing a framework for pragmatic, mature and realistic cooperation.
China opposes US sanctions on Chinese firms

Subway travels: A tale of two cities

[2011-05-27 07:29]

East is East, West is West, but riding the subway is pretty much the same wherever you go.

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