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Should 'Harvard girl' be a role model?

[2010-07-09 06:46]

The results of the annual college entrance examinations are in, and the media are full of success stories.

World will hear more from Indians

[2010-06-25 07:50]

Whatever their views, the world is bound to see and hear more from Indians. As they become more prominent on the world stage, they will become more vocal and resolute on global issues and their views are certain to become more important.

Rejig economy, reduce inequality

[2010-06-18 06:38]

Ding Xuan moved to Beijing 10 years ago, when she was six. Ding's mother, Zhang Dongcun, had been here since 1985. She moved to Beijing from a village in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, and made a living as a cleaning woman, while her husband did odd jobs.

Stop forcing professionals to retire early

[2010-06-11 07:07]

I was surprised to read on the front page of a major newspaper last Friday that a "world-class specialist" was planning to retire.

Better urban living standards

[2010-06-04 06:35]

Mercer, a consulting, outsourcing and investment company based in the United Kingdom, last week named Vienna, Zurich, Geneva, Vancouver and Auckland as the top five cities in the world for their quality of living.

Preserve Shanghai's unique heritage

[2010-05-28 06:33]

I spent four days in Shanghai last week and was struck by how the Expo's motto - "Better city, better life" - applies to the city itself.

Protect today's Good Samaritans

[2010-05-21 07:16]

A former editor of China Daily limped into my office the other day. He told me he slipped and fell on an icy street in early March, after one of the many snowstorms that graced Beijing this winter.

Time to stop celebrating mothers' sacrifice

[2010-05-13 07:53]

Mother's Day has come and gone, and with it the usual hymns of praise to these otherwise unsung heroes of our society.

Politics no excuse to block go-green efforts

[2010-05-07 19:28]

Most evenings last month, I wore two sweaters while working at home on the computer. Before bed, I sometimes used the air conditioner to warm up the bedroom before getting into bed, which was covered with two quilts.

Even modern cities need distinction

[2010-04-29 07:55]

Five years ago, my family and I paid a visit to Xi'an, the ancient capital of China. We marveled at the army of terra cotta warriors and visited museums, tombs, and temples. We also rode bicycles on the city wall that still surrounds the old part of the city.

Lack of rainfall in Yunnan is old news

[2010-04-08 07:33]

Six years ago, I took a two-week trip to Yunnan province, which is famous for its mild weather, abundant rainfall and tropical vegetation. I toured such popular tourist destinations as Lijiang and Dali and visited Cangyuan county in the southwestern part of the province, bordering Myanmar.

Choosing roots in earth, water or fire

[2010-04-01 07:20]

For many people, talk about death and burial is taboo. They'll only consider it when they must, when a loved one passes away.

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