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Doors closing at school for migrant children

[2007-01-11 06:59]

"With 500,000 yuan ($61,728) in debt, school for migrant children asks for closure."

Don't forget what SARS taught us

[2007-01-04 07:42]

Hospitals in Beijing saw a dramatic decrease in the number of outpatients suffering from coughing and sneezing the day after snow showered the capital with much needed moisture.

Give social workers the respect they deserve

[2006-12-21 10:50]

I first became aware of social work as a profession more than 10 years ago as I was browsing through American applications for adoption in China, the Chinese translations of which my parents helped to proofread.

Smoothing out glitches a two-way undertaking

[2006-12-14 06:44]

I have had the opportunity to chat with quite a few Americans over the past two months here in Beijing. As journalists, researchers or economists, they all tell me that they are here to try to understand more about China.

Bogus sites pose danger for journalism

[2006-12-07 07:17]

It was extraordinary when information began to explode with the advent of the Internet. Not a day goes by that I don't use the Internet for news and emails as well as in search of encyclopaedic knowledge of various kinds and, above all, news leads for my new job as an international news editor.

Beware of rushing to judgment

[2006-11-30 06:35]

People ask me that question immediately after they learn I just returned from my nine-day trip to cover Chinese President Hu Jintao's visit to India.

China, India can learn a lot from each other

[2006-11-23 06:55]

Several Indians were very excited on last Wednesday's evening flight from Beijing to New Delhi. They were talking so loudly that a Dutch passenger had to ask them to be quiet.

'Green' drive goes beyond Olympics

[2006-11-16 06:39]

I had no time to venture into downtown Beijing from where I live and work near the northern Fourth Ring Road in early November, when Chinese and African leaders met at the forum to discuss further co-operation.

Multiple solutions to zoo crisis

[2006-11-09 06:22]

A China Daily reporter almost got herself into trouble more than 15 years ago after she published a feature story narrating the hard time a major zoo was going through in keeping all the animals fed.

Science not a weapon to kill TCM

[2006-11-02 05:36]

The mother of a friend of mine had a bypass surgery on the New Year's Day, which resulted in a small wound 4 centimetres long lower in both of her legs.

Building spree should not damage nature and ecology

[2006-10-26 05:24]

Not only has building a new countryside become a catch phrase, but it has also sparked a new construction binge in villages across China.

Dogma should no longer rule over readings of history

[2006-10-19 05:51]

History is becoming more popular among Chinese nowadays.

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