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United could be in for turbulent time

[2017-04-13 06:53]

Two days after an Asian passenger was forcibly dragged off a United Airlines plane at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport and video of the incident spread globally across social media, travel industry and marketing analysts said that the company's reputation has been damaged and the incident could have an impact on the carrier in China.

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[2017-04-13 06:53]

Thai teachers get schooled in Mandarin

[2017-04-13 06:52]

BANGKOK - Teachers in Thailand's capital are learning Mandarin to help the country cope with an increase in Chinese tourists.

Toyota puts best foot forward with robotic leg

[2017-04-13 06:52]

TOKYO - Toyota is introducing a wearable robotic leg brace designed to help partially paralyzed people walk.

'Silent killer': Millions of poor in developing nations menaced by heat

[2017-04-13 06:52]

BHUBANESWAR - On a hot, humid afternoon on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar in eastern India, construction worker Sabitri Mahanand frets about increasingly "dangerous" summers.

Candidates worry over naval move

[2017-04-12 06:48]

Pyongyang vows strong response if US strike group threatens country

Six dead as militants attack tourist island

[2017-04-12 06:48]

MANILA - At least six people including a Philippine police officer were killed on Tuesday in clashes with 10 suspected members of the Abu Sayyaf kidnap group on the resort island of Bohol, authorities said.

Three dead in murder-suicide at US school

[2017-04-12 06:48]

SAN BERNARDINO, California - A man walked into a school in southern California on Monday and shot dead his estranged wife in front of her students, killing an eight-year-old boy in the crossfire before turning his gun on himself.

Fire ravages migrant camp in France

[2017-04-12 06:48]

LILLE, France - A fire razed most of the Grande-Synthe migrant camp near Dunkirk in northern France overnight after fighting among its inhabitants left several people injured, the region's top government official said on Tuesday.

Russia: Metro bombing suspects from Central Asia

[2017-04-12 06:48]

MOSCOW - Russia's security chief on Tuesday said all those detained over the St. Petersburg metro bombing originate from Central Asia, urging tighter migration controls.

Starvation warning for Horn of Africa

[2017-04-12 06:48]

NAIROBI - The UN refugee agency on Tuesday warned that the risk of mass deaths from starvation among the people of Horn of Africa, Nigeria and Yemen is increasing amid severe drought.

Malala on message after award for equality work

[2017-04-12 06:47]

NEW YORK - United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday designated 19-year-old Malala Yousafzai from Pakistan as the UN's youngest Messenger of Peace with a special focus on girls' education.

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